8. Januar 1947: David Bowies Geburtstag. Happy birthday!

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David Bowie’s 6th album Aladdin Sane

Original 1973 vinyl pressing with intact Bowie fan club pamphlet


Announcing the very first David Bowie Coloring Book Coloring Contest! 

We have some lineart here of David Bowie posing for his famous Aladdin Sane cover. BUT WAIT?! where’s the lightning bolt?!


We want to see what you can design! We have provided an example of an Aladdin Sane sans lightning bolt design above, but you are limited only by your imagination!


  • You may use a lightning bolt as the base of your design, HOWEVER! You may NOT color it like the one on the left (the original coloring) or a recoloring of the lightning bolt itself (yellow and green, for example)
  • You may use whichever medium you like. Crayon was just what was used to color the examples because it is what was on hand at the time. 
  • you may add props, backgrounds, or extra features (such as longer hair, open eyes or a tongue poking out)
  • All submissions must be marked as contest entries like this:
     Your Name (optional)
    Tumblr URL
    Coloring Contest #1
    title of your entry
  • You may enter as many times as you want
  • There must be entries from at least five different applicants for the contest to count
  • All entries must be in by December 30th, 2013. Scoring will take place the following day. 
  • Entries must be submitted one at a time. We cannot process entries that contain two or more pictures
  • David’s face MUST be visible. You are not allowed to pull a beatles and put an apple in front of it. You can obscure parts of it, but not all of it. (and for you smart asses out there, I don’t mean the tip of his nose or the corner of his jaw. You know what I mean)
  • Keep it somewhat family friendly. Blog rules apply (
  • HAVE FUN! 

Please direct any questions to the ask box of the David Bowie Coloring Book. 

We can’t wait to see what you create!


We are in desperate need of help in this section. For the moment, the prizes are drawings supplied by Silvermoon822 ( 

1st Prize:
a full-color headshot of your choice
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2nd Prize:
Headshot Lineart of your choice
blog promo

Honorable mentions:
blog promos


For the handful of you who read my posts and are interested in this kind of thing, I dabble in a bit of textile art. I produce unique and handmade free motion machine embroidered artwork, specialising in wildlife images but work with all my clients to produce whatever they want. It would be really swell if you could support me by following me on twitter and liking my facebook page!