My prototype for a duct tape Aladdin Sane wallet. It turned out better than I thought. :)


Aladdin Sane inspired mask!

Can you imagine rocking out a full David Bowie costume with this awesome mask?  It would be epic.  This entire mask was made from one piece of leather, so it’s durable, light weight, and super comfortable. 

ETA - this particular mask has sold, but feel free to contact me if you’d like one.


what the fuck is this phone cover design

who would

who would have that/???


So I couldn’t find any of my other shirts this morning, so now I’m wearing my super over sized art that is really hard to sit down in :P I still love this tho :)



Book Review: 1982, by Jian Ghomeshi

Ghomeshi’s goofy sense of humour and humility is part of his easy-going charm, and his ability to appeal to a broad audience has made him a household name in Canada. But in his new memoir, titled 1982 after his life-changing 15th year, his avuncular nature is a major hindrance. Illustration by Chloe Cushman



Lol probably not what the fine folks at draw something were expecting for aladdin…