Today marks 41 years since David Bowie released Aladdin Sane.

Remake of the album cover by Eiko Ojala for the Re-Cover exhibition in Paris.


Bowie on the wall. Mural of David Bowie, created by Australian street artist James Cochran, has appeared on the wall of Morleys department store in Brixton, Lambeth, south London. Photograph: Richard Baker//In Pictures/Corbis


Bowie on the wall. ‘We could be heroes’ (1977) with the image of Aladdin Sane (1973). Pretty cool print though. Found at Grordon Street, London, photography by: Talmoryair


My new work: Ziggy Stardust.

Just some typography based on Bowies Aladdin Sane face paint. Available to buy from my shop as prints, posters, cards, stickers, apparel, phone cases and I-pad cases.


I taught myself to knit about 4 months ago. I’d never knitted before but having a million chest infections in a row means you need to find something to keep you occupied while you’re stuck in bed feeling miserable. 

Knitted Bowie is my first wee project and I plan on making more little characters. He’s naked for now…I’m in the middle of making a miniature jumpsuit that would make Kansai Yamamoto proud. 

I’m hoping my next lot will be a bit more defined and tidy but he’s pretty cool, despite the dodgy neck and strange arm/leg thickness.


8. Januar 1947: David Bowies Geburtstag. Happy birthday!

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David Bowie’s 6th album Aladdin Sane

Original 1973 vinyl pressing with intact Bowie fan club pamphlet